Apex Warning puts a large emphasis on selling reliable equipment, and failures almost never happen. But in case something happens and your product fails, we want you to know that we’re there for you.

Apex Warning maintains relationships with all vendors that we carry, so we can get your RMA taken care of without any issues. There’s a variety of RMA systems and protocols, but we’ll be able to walk you through all of them, and in some cases, even handle the RMA for you.

Feniex Industries:

Feniex has a RMA system built into their website, and it’s extremely easy to use. Visit the RMA section at https://feniex.s2.renewityrma.com/feniex.htm Follow the steps and Feniex will give you the information on how to return your defective product.

Magnetic Mic:

The Magnetic Mic very rarely breaks, since it’s got very few parts that can fail. But in case something is wrong, we will handle it for you directly to save time; just shoot us an email at Info@ApexWarning.com with the title: Warranty.

Apex Warning/Shield™ Warranty:

Apex Warning also imports our own products from overseas manufacturers. In the event of a product failure, all you have to do is send in an email to Info@ApexWarning.com with the title: Warranty. Once we get the email, one of our customer support reps will walk you through returning and replacing/repairing the product. The Shield™ protects the owner, not only the original buyer, for a full 5 year period from any manufacturer defect in the product. To check if the product is still covered, simply look for the Shield™ sticker with the Date of Manufacture (DOM) – if it’s within the past 5 years, it’s covered.